Program Management

Alliance takes full responsibility for the implementation and ongoing management of a client’s drawback program including the following functions –

Develop Program Procedures: To ensure regulatory compliance and maintain the timely filing of drawback claims, we will develop comprehensive standard operating procedures that address the following general areas:

Review Existing Record Retention: We will review the types of records routinely required to substantiate claims during a Customs review. Alliance prepares for Customs reviews (either desk reviews, compliance assessments, or complete audits) through continual testing of data integrity and supporting records and through annual, internal compliance reviews. As part of the implementation process for each drawback program, Alliance evaluates the veracity of existing record retention systems and will make recommendations on how to improve retention procedures and mirror best industry practices.

Program Start-up: As part of the initial program implementation process, we gather information about our client’s specific business operations and its enterprise management systems. This knowledge allows us to design a compliant drawback program, identify other potential drawback opportunities, and establish each client’s drawback program with Customs.

Customs Drawback Privilege Applications: Alliance will draft Customs one-time applications for accelerated payment, waiver of prior notice, and draft a manufacturing ruling request, if applicable, to set up a drawback program with Customs. To prepare these applications, we will need to gather a variety of company information and sample documentation for our client’s drawback program.

Drawback Claim Preparation and Electronic Submission: Alliance staff will utilize its proprietary drawback processing software to prepare drawback claims including electronic data elements needed for submission to Customs and Border Protection via the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) system. Electronic filing via ACE expedites the payment of drawback claims to Alliance clients.​