FCBF Webinar Optimizing duty savings

Webinar: Optimizing Duty Savings

Optimizing Duty Savings for your Clients

This webinar will feature experts Anthony Nogueras, LCB (Alliance International), and Torrey Chambliss, LCB (Port Tampa Bay). We’ll discuss different strategies to help your clients save the most possible by leveraging automated drawback and foreign trade zones.

Automated Drawback

Is a fully automated “push button” drawback program a real option for drawback claimants?  Mr. Nogueras will discuss drawback automation, specifically distinguishing between drawback scenarios that lend themselves to full automation and those drawback programs that will require manual data collection.

He will also identify the barriers to completely automating a company’s duty drawback recovery program by focusing on key data collection elements of the drawback process including the role of ACE/AES reporting; navigating the perils of data collection from brokers and forwarders; utilizing data from a company’s various ERP modules; maintaining supporting records in a cloud-based environment; and the viability of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract required data elements from shipping documents.

Foreign Trade Zones

Many scenarios justify the use of a foreign trade zone (FTZ). Whether your clients are manufacturing products that have lower duty rates than their components, or they are importing in large quantities to then re-export to different smaller markets, or if they need to repair, re-label, or break down shipments before distributing to final customers, you need to know more about the opportunities that a foreign trade zone (FTZ) presents to your business! Mr. Chambliss will cover the uses, benefits, and potential challenges of working with FTZs and teach attendees how to best implement these tools into a robust import strategy.

Who should attend

Customs brokers, freight forwarders, importers, supply chain professionals

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