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Assess Your Drawback Potential

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Assess Your Drawback Potential

To take the first step to determine program viability for your company, read through the qualification questions below and answer any that pertain to your company in the "Answers" Form below. You can copy and paste the questions into the form and answer them if you would like. If you have any questions, please contact us at

1) Briefly describe the nature of your business, please include your company contact.

2) How much duty have you paid in the last three years: 2015, 2016, Projected Year 2017?

3) Do you import and pay duty directly, or do you purchase imported material from domestic vendors? (If you do both, please indicate the percentage for each).

4) Please list the primary articles and/or raw materials that you import and HTS numbers if available and estimated duty paid for the past year.

5) How many part numbers do you import?

6) Does your Customs broker capture part number level detail at the time of import?

7) What are your average number of import shipments on a monthly basis and what are the average number of invoice line items for each import shipment?

8) If the imported materials undergo a manufacture process prior to export, please describe this process.

9) What is the approximate ratio of your export to your domestic sales?

10) Do you export to Canada and Mexico?

11) Are you the exporter of record, i.e. do you appear as the shipper on the export bill of lading?

12) Do you maintain copies of export bills of lading? If yes, are these records available for the past three years of export activity?

13) Are a percentage of your exported "routed"in that your company allows the buyer to arrange the export transportation or forwarding?

Assess Your Drawback Potential Form